Garment display rack, cloth hanger rack, display table, display stage, fitting room, and register counter, Taiwan made store fixture
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Store Fixture Category

Being as the expert of store fixture in shopfitting industry, we never stop discovering the potential of display rack. For the past few years, we’ve started developing our original designs. By collecting & organizing our producing experience and knowledge, we are now able to create new store display with latest structures and materials. We hope to develop some new concepts to help our clients to expand their brands efficiently.

Here you will find some of our new display rack, hooks, register counter, modular system, tabletop display, and other products for store and shop. Time is changing, and we will do our best to catch up with new trends and make something unique to let your shop shine.

Big Fame is the leading store fixture and furniture supplier in Taiwan. In 20 years, we provide our service and products to various brands around the world. We have all clients in different industry, fashion, apparel, shoes, eyewear, sports goods, food, jewelry, and department store. To meet their requirements creating one of a kind atmosphere, we have to do our best to mix up various designs and materials. In 20 years, we’ve been transformed into a practical expert with solid skills to realize your vision.

It is an obvious trend of e-commerce, we are now planning to merge digital technologies into our display rack, wall display, and furniture; by add more light, sound, motion in our designs, we hope to connect customers with the merchandises. It is our primary mission to build up a system, combining hardware and software, to enhance the shop’s efficiency with more interaction. Most important of all, we will still keep your styles.