Big Fame Wine Display Cabinet in a Japanese Bar
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Wine Display Cabinet in a Japanese Bar

Working Beautiful lighting New Bar Interior Reflection of the display Soft lighting on wines
Concept & Project
cabinet, interior design, OLED, Wine display

Project – Japanese Bar Refurnishing

This is a small bar located in the center of Taipei, with very comfortable service and warm treatment.
We are designated to redesign and install a new wine display cabinet behind the counter.
And most of all, we have to apply a high-tech OLED lighting panel to create the most attractive visual effect.

Bar design

The bar is in mess

Bar design

The strange blue light on the ceiling

The existing interior elements are in a mess, so the priority is to organize everything in order.
To put the right things in the right places, especially the Karaoke machines.

We planned to divide the space with the cabinet structure, and the color tone is designed to be lighter to emphasize the wine bottle.

We choose t10.0 clear tempered glass as the wine shelf, to that the light can go through the glass shelf and go to these merchandises smoothly.

Back to the Japanese-invented OLED lighting panel, it can upgrade the entire atmosphere in the bar.
According to the lighting company, this product is usually applied in museum and luxury interior cases for the ultimate lighting scenario.
We are very lucky to have the chance to use it in our project, to present the wine bottle with the best light.