Big Fame Millennium-oriented / Young Apparel Store
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Concept & Project

Apparel Store – with strong visual effect for young generation

For a apparel brands, it is a highly competitive retail market. Not only launching new design frequently but also being outstanding among all your rivals. For head-turning window displays and immerse experience, when it comes to retail, the winning point is in the details, and we make sure to take care any single piece for you.


To have a unique retail look, you need to know how to tell your brand story and keep consumers browse more products in the store. Smart design makes a significant difference in regards to whether you make a sale or not. How well coordinated your lighting, fixtures, displays, and colors are also makes the first impression of the value of your products and the class of brand. In fashion retail, diversity of products and how to display is the key for design. Items may include ties, shoes, hats, shirts, pants, sweaters, clothes, coats, shorts, blouse, and even some accessories such as sun glasses, neckless, and earrings.