Big Fame Desktop Display / Stands & Holders
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Desktop Display – Stands & Holders

In a store, not only the big wall system or gondola matter, but also desktop holders or stands make your valuable goods stand out. There are various products with relatively small sizes in retail stores. For instance, wallets, ties, belts, neckless, rings, hats, scarfs, watches, earrings, glasses and cufflink. Depending on the texture and shape, you will need special designs for these items.

Sometimes designers use contrast color on display holders to highlight products. Sometimes contrast of texture is applied for underline the beauty of merchandise. Designers also like to use ladder display or high/low boxes to create dynamic and vigorous ambience. Limited edition or special design may display on a geometrical stand to attract additional attention.

Custom display is the best way to visualize and show the quality and value for your products. Big Fame provides wide range of materials for customization. From wood, acrylic, steel, aluminum, marble and glass, we could find whatever material you need. With our experience, having your own custom display is a piece of cake.