Garment Hanger Rack for apparel, cloth, fashion, style stores and shops
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Garment Rack / Clothes Rack

Garment Racks are the best for customers to shop and select clothing. With Big Fame’s various types of racks, you can easily merchandise your goods in a stylish way yet saving lots of space.

4-way clothing racks allow garments facing customers in four dimension. Salesman rolling racks provide the convenience to adjust display area. Double bar clothing racks are able to carry substantial inventory. Round clothing racks provides the most efficient usage of floor space. Half-round racks carry a unique display atmosphere for garment stores. We have various sizes, shapes, and styles when it comes to each clothes rack.

In addition, we have lots of parts to extend, adjust height, or connect two racks. From square tube to round pipe, Big Fame provides the flexibility to alter materials and surface finishing based on your needs. We hope to provide the most suitable racks for your store and lower MOQ of each custom racks to 200 sets. Tell us your need and let Big Fame help you create your own display style!!

  • expandable garment rack
  • adjustable height garment rack
  • 4-Way Retail Clothing Racks
  • Double Bar Retail Clothing Racks