Big Fame Mini Storage / Smartest urban space arrangement
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Concept & Project

Mini Storage

The cost of residential housing and office is getting higher and higher in the urban area in Taiwan. Recently, there is a trend for renting a space in mini storage to put things for collections, furniture for moving transition, documents for accounting, and anything you don’t want to put in your place anymore.


There are around 100 ministorage stores in Taiwan now. Other than ministorage in the States or Europe, the business type is closer to Hong Kong and Singapore where mini-storage is consisted of steel containers with small storage space not rolling door with space like room inside. These containers are custom into different sizes to fit the floor plan.


We developed a new structure of powder-coated steel with more than 10 sizes. There are single and double layer containers. The double layer container could carry up to 300 kgs loading on the top layer. All walls and doors were made with t1.0 steel and you can choose whatever color you like. Top mesh was made from Φ4.0 wire and t1.2 tube and there was closely fixed with the structure bar. To provide the flexibility of space rental, we also designed to make the side board easily removable.


More and more people would like to rent a space for their spare goods. More and more ministorage business owners expand their business to entrepreneurship group meeting, meeting room rental, mail delivery and even chopper parking. To meet our customers’ need, Big Fame provides wide range of custom steel, acrylic, and wood display or furniture.