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Concept & Project

Urban Design Boutique Hotel – Chez Nous

“Go Home” is a nature. However, during travel journey, it is not easy to find a place with home ambience where you can completely relax and rest.


In Taipei, a design boutique hotel “Chez Nous” offers 28 special rooms with personality. It is not about trendy nor extravagant; it is just about home and characteristic. In French, “nous” means “ours”. Chez Nous means welcome to our house!! To create a hotel with warmness, each floor carries unique name and color.


All furniture was designed to be a mix of metal and wood for low-key luxury ambience with handy functions. Custom room furniture included desks with marble top, side table mixed with metal wire and Silestone, minibar with mesh on the top and wooden base, headboard with different leather/cloth and knitting style, and wood trays for stationaries or coffee cups.


Because each room has its layout, we also had to adjust the structure of furniture to face the right direction. Although some items shared the same design, 5 different colors and material combinations did increase the complicity and difficulties while production and assembling.


In this project, the hotel designer only provided sketches with rough sizes and color. With years of experience, Big Fame helped to finalize every detail into technical drawings, discussed production structure with factories, built prototype to ensure the size and display facing issue, and completed installation. The biggest challenge for this project is to best arrange the production process so that we could minimize the cost and lead-time for a relatively small quantity.


Welcome to Taipei and check out the stylish 28 sets of custom room furniture!