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Concept & Project

In this “shopfitting portfolio" page, you will find some of our retail projects for the past 20 years. We collected many of our projects and selected the most iconic works of different styles and different types as reference for brand manager, interior designers, and shop owners. At the same time, we also publish new products, like furniture or display racks with original concepts.


In retail industry, we have been devoted to provide the very best store fixture and shop furniture for brands, like chic eyewear store, boutique hotel, mini storage, and other retail industry.


Our goal is to provide an one-stop shopfitting fixture purchasing experience for all clients; hoping to discover new value from display rack, register counter, garment hanger rack, island gondola, and other accessories. We believe that even in this e-commerce world, the retail store is still playing an important role to gather more customers.

To combine various materials is what we do best; we know wood, steel, acrylic (plexiglass), plastic injection, stainless steel, and glass; most important of all, we know them and use them professionally. Now, it is time to mix materials with technologies. We have the plan, that for the next decade, we will speed up to catch up with the latest retail technologies, like RFID, electronic shelf label, POS system, and all kinds of new retail elements.

About our portfolio

Big Fame can make all categories about retail industry for all kinds of public spaces.
Store Fixture & Shop Furniture
In-house design studio and production managing team
Register Counter, Display Rack, Wall Display, Garment Hanager Rack, Gondola
Fashion Industry, Apparel Brands, boutique eyewear and shoes store, Department Store, Cosmetic, and sports goods.